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BACKGROUND: A comprehensive depiction of long-term health impacts of marital status is lacking. METHODS: Sex-stratified phenome-wide association analyses (PheWAS) of marital status (living with vs. without a spouse) were performed using baseline (2004-2008) and follow-up information (ICD10-coded events till Dec 31, 2017) from the China Kadoorie Biobank (CKB). We estimated adjusted hazard ratios (aHRs) to evaluate the associations of marital status with morbidity risks of phenome-wide significant diseases or sex-specific top-10 death causes in China documented in 2017. Additionally, the association between marital status and mortality risks among participants with major chronic diseases at baseline was assessed. FINDINGS: During up to 11.1 years of the median follow-up period, 1,946,380 incident health events were recorded among 210,202 men and 302,521 women aged 30-79. Marital status was found to have phenome-wide significant associations with thirteen diseases among men (p 

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Lancet Reg Health West Pac

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Chinese, Marital status, Morbidity risk, Mortality risk, Phenome-wide landscape