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An integrated approach to lifestyle risk factors of chronic disease in China. (DAR-2022-00219)

School of Public Health, The University of Sydney

Analysis of assortative mating -heritability and allele imbalance analysis results. (Genomic Summary Results)

University of Queensland

Assessment of trans-ancestry PRS for Tyoe 2 diabetes. (Genomic Summary Results)

Asian Genetic Epidemiology Network Type 2 Diabetes (AGEN-T2D) 

Association between marital and reproductive status and osteoporotic fractures in postmenopausal women. (DAR-2022-00312)

Hunan Normal University

Associations between sleep disorders and risk of peptic ulcer. (DAR-2022-00308)

Wuhan University

Consumption of fresh and preserved vegetables in relation to total and cause-specific mortality. (DAR-2022-00281)

Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Zhejiang University

Correlation study between obesity and aortic dissection. (DAR-2022-00346)

Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Development and validation of a colorectal cancer risk prediction model in China. (DAR-2022-00372)

Nanjing Medical University

Diabetes, obesity, cancer incidence and cancer-related mortality in the China Kadoorie Biobank. (DAR-2022-00353)

University of ,Manchester

Effects of periodontitis on cardiovascular diseases outcomes. (DAR-2022-00350)

Tongji University School of Stomatology

Environmental and genetic determinants on the progression of cardiometabolic disease. (DAR-2022-00366)

Department of Public Health, Peking University Health Science Center

Evaluation of risk factors for second primary lung cancer among lung cancer survivors. (DAR-2022-00260)

Stanford University

External validation of risk prediction models for incident breast cancer using the China Kadoorie Biobank. (DAR-2022-00234)

Oxford Medical School, University of Oxford

External validation of risk prediction models for incident colorectal cancer using the China Kadoorie Biobank. (DAR-2022-00005)

Oxford Medical School, University of Oxford

External validation: Genetic susceptibility associated with the progression of precancerous gastric lesions to gastric cancer in Chinese population. (Genomic Summary Results)

Peking University Cancer Hospital and Institute

Gene-lifetstyle interactions. (Genomic Summary Results)

Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) Consortium

GWAS of healthcare costs. (Genomic Summary Results)

University of Helsinki, GENcost Consortium

GWAS of Olink proteomics. (Genomic Summary Results)

Queen Mary University of London, Systematic and Combined Analysis of Olink Proteins (SCALLOP) consortium

Health in vegetarians consortium. (DAR-2022-00099)

Cancer Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford

Healthy lifestyle modifies association of an air pollution risk score with risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the China Kadoorie Biobank. (DAR-2022-00321)

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Peking University

Identify risk factors, clinical subtypes, treatment and prevention of chronic kidney disease. (DAR-2022-00294)

Zhu Xianyi Memorial Hospital of Tianjin Medical University

Immune-related conditions and CVD/cancer risk in China. (DAR-2022-00285)

Tianjin Medical University

Impact of diabetes status, age at diagnosis and diabetes duration, and plasma glucose on the risk of comorbidities in diabetic patients. (DAR-2022-00159)

Department of Chronic Disease Control, Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Metabolic and lifestyle factors with risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with gallstone disease. (DAR-2022-00326)

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Prospective cohort study on the relationship between chronic hepatitis B and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. (DAR-2022-00356)

Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University

Protein rich foods, dietary protein and risk of stroke subtypes: pooled analyses of 2 million participants from four large cohorts. (DAR-2022-00026)

Cancer Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford

Risk factors and potential preventive measures of cerebrovascular disease and dementia in the elderly population. (DAR-2022-00275)

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University

Risk factors of cancer in common non-communicable chronic diseases. (DAR-2022-00066)

Department of Epidemiology, Nanjing Medical University

Spirometry transethnic analysis (age stratified) - GWAS summary statistics for spirometry traits. (Genomic Summary Results)

Leicester University, SpiroMETA Consortium

Supplementary application: Consumption of fresh and preserved vegetables in relation to total and cause-specific mortality. (DAR-2022-00281)

Zhejiang University

Tea consumption and risk of chronic kidney disease. (DAR-2022-00249)

Second Xiangya Hospital

The association of health behaviors and the prevalence of chronic disease on mortality risk in China. (DAR-2022-00338)

Xiamen University

The distribution and determinants of fatty acids, and their associations with cardiometabolic diseases in urban and rural Chinese. (DAR-2022-00334)

Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Trans-ancestry GWAS of parental age. (Genomic Summary Results)

UCL Institute of Healthy Ageing, AGGen Consortium 

Urban-rural differences in the association between socioeconomic status and total and cause specific mortality in China. (DAR-2022-00177)

Huazhong University of Science & Technology