Paper examines metabolic and lifestyle risk factors for pancreatitis

Aug 1, 2018 12:00 AM

In China, there is limited prospective evidence on risk factors and prognosis for acute pancreatitis. A new paper examines the associations of certain metabolic and lifestyle factors with risk of acute pancreatitis in the China Kadoorie Biobank

The paper found that individuals with higher levels of adiposity, diabetes or gallbladder disease were at a higher risk of developing acute pancreatitis, while those with higher levels of physical activity had a lower risk of acute pancreatitis. Among men, smoking and heavy alcohol drinking were risk factors for acute pancreatitis. Participants with acute pancreatitis were at higher risk of death and developing pancreatic cancer. The modifiable nature of the risk factors suggests that, assuming cause and effect, many cases of acute pancreatitis in Chinese individuals might be prevented with modifications to lifestyle.
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