Cause-specific mortality and 1st resurvey data now available.

May 8, 2018 3:01 PM

Open Access researchers based in China now have priority access to details of cause specific mortality coded to ICD-10 and 1st resurvey data. These data will become available to the rest of the world in October 2018.

The CKB Data Access System was launched in September 2015 and enables bona fide researchers to apply to use the CKB resource for health-related research. Since the launch over 330 researchers from around the world have registered to use the resource and over 100 datasets delivered.

The CKB Data Access System is a secure online portal that allows researcher to 1) register to use the resource and 2) complete project proposals and data requests. The initial data release comprised of data collected from 512,000 individuals at the baseline survey, including demographics, socio-economic status, lifestyle behaviours, medical history and physical measurements. Further details about the resurvey and long-term follow up data can be found here.

Information about the CKB Data Access Policy and Procedures is available on in the Data Access Section of the CKB website.