CKB-BGI-BDI multi-omics workshop

Sep 10, 2018 5:00 PM

ON the 10 September CKB held a joint workshop at the Big Data Institute, Oxford, with a delegation from BGI (visiting from Shenzhen, China).

At the workshop which was chaired by Zhengming Chen, the CKB PI, Robin Walters presented a summary of the genomic resources and profile of CKB; Gil McVean and Augustine Kong discussed strategies for genomic sequencing, genotyping and analyses in large population-cohorts; and Xin Jin, Xiao Liu and Nick Nie and from BGI presented results from genomic and multi-omic studies of genetic associations and population diversity in China, immune regulation in autoimmune disease, and aging in centenarians. BGI and CKB work together on projects including DNA extraction and genotyping, and pilot studies of exome sequencing and DNA methylation, and there are plans for future joint initiatives to expand and enhance the opportunities for scientific research and collaboration between BGI, the wider University of Oxford and partners organisations in China.