New research award for air pollution project

Mar 1, 2017 12:00 AM

China Kadoorie Biobank Study receives MRC GCRF foundation research grant to study major health effects of household and ambient air pollution in China.

China Kadoorie Biobank investigators and collaborators have received approximately £600K foundation grant from the Medical Research Council, Global Challenges Research Fund to develop methods that would provide reliable estimates of health effects associated to both household and ambient air pollution.

This project will have three broad objectives: (1) to identify and test suitable devices and methods to estimate the personal exposure to household air pollution (HAP) and at different micro-environments; (2) to estimate personal level exposure to ambient air pollution (AAP) by use of NASA satellite data and validate it with air pollutants from personal and static monitoring stations; and (3) to evaluate the health effects using enhanced exposure data obtained from different methods and different environments.

Prof Chen, PI of the project, explained: “Air pollution from both household and ambient air pollution is a leading cause of premature death globally, particularly in LMICs and contributes significantly to the global burden of diseases. This award will use advanced technologies and methods to characterise and quantify personal exposure to HAP and AAP in a subset of CKB participants. The exposure data thus obtained will be used to reliably estimate the health effects associated with exposure to air pollutants from various sources.”

Prof Chen further added that “data collected and experience gained through the present proposal will provide the foundation for a large-scale research programme into hazards of air pollution in China and other Low and Middle Income Countries”.