Internet-based Case Adjudication System for clinical Events (i-CASE) used to review over 11,000 events.

Apr 28, 2015 12:00 AM

i-CASE is a web-based system developed by the CKB team. Since October 2014 it has been providing qualified specialists with secure access to high quality images of the patient records and event information allowing them to carry out event adjudication using a standardised form.

A team of 12 cardiologists and 23 neurologists were recruited from 14 of China’s leading hospitals and received specialist training on the system in 2014. To date they have assessed 11,327 stroke and ischaemic heart disease events from a total of over 60,000. Approximately 90% of cases were confirmed locally with all unconfirmed and disputed cases automatically referred by i-CASE for central review in Oxford. A representative sample of confirmed cases is also reviewed centrally for quality control purposes.

This case adjudication provides the necessary assurance about the consistency and accuracy of the disease diagnosis and classification reported from a variety of sources and hospitals to the CKB data base. 

i-CASE will be adapted for the adjudication and classification of other conditions. Additional features such as automated diagnostic algorithms are also being developed.