Portable Validation Device (PVD) system for stroke and IHD follow-up launched at Annual Surveillance Training Workshop

Apr 24, 2014 9:00 AM

The CKB team have further developed a tailor-made outcome PVD system that uses handheld tablet computers to record data that helps validate disease specific events.

The PVDs have been successfully used as a secure method of recording and sending event information and patient records for cancer outcome validation since November 2013.   The PVD system has now been adapted and enhanced to cover both stroke and ischemic heart disease follow-up requirements. In April 2014 ICC staff demonstrated the equipment and software to RC staff at the Annual Surveillance Training Workshop and 20 devices were subsequently deployed across the 10 RCs.  These are now helping staff to collect high-quality images of key documents and additional data from 13,000 stroke and IHD events in 13 hospitals. This will represent over 20% of the total such events recorded by CKB to date (~64,000).

The CKB Annual Surveillance Training Workshop was held in Hangzhou City on the 19-20 April. It promotes communication between ICC, NCC and RCs. It is an opportunity for RC staff to review the project's achievements to date and to provide input into the long-term follow-up work plans for the year ahead. Attended by around 50 people, including 3 surveillance staff from each RC, the workshop also provides an opportunity for newly-recruited staff to receive training in the standard concepts and procedures of the study surveillance system.