Internet-based Case Adjudication System for clinical Events (i-CASE) ready to help enhance collected CKB event data

Aug 14, 2014 12:00 AM

i-CASE is a bespoke web-based system developed by the CKB team, a unique tool for epidemiological studies of this kind, it will give qualified specialists secure access to high quality images of the patient records and event information and allow them to carry out event adjudication using a standardised adjudication form.

This image data was captured by Regional Centre staff using a Portable Validation Device (PVD) system that used handheld tablet computers.

Around 36 cardiologists and neurologists, representing 12 hospitals attended a special training session in Beijing from 19-20 July 2014. Alongside an introduction to the software, additional instruction was provided on the CKB event adjudication procedures for stroke and ischaemic heart disease (IHD). The i-CASE platform will ‘go-live’ early in October and up to 13,000 stroke and IHD events in the first batch will be adjudicated by neurologists and cardiologists using the system.

Case adjudication by specialists provides the necessary assurance about the consistency and accuracy of the disease diagnosis and classification reported from a variety of sources and hospitals to the data base. The greater accuracy of disease diagnosis and classification, significantly improves the utility of the Biobank. In the future i-CASE will be adapted for use in a wide range of disease adjudication and classification.