GWAS genotyping underway

Nov 1, 2014 12:00 AM

Genotyping for the CKB genome-wide association study into haemorrhagic stroke is now being carried out at BGI-Shenzhen, China.

Using the custom-designed CKB axiom array, manufactured by Affymetrix, we are genotyping 5,000 subjects who have suffered a haemorrhagic stroke since the start of the study, along with 10,000 control subjects. This will represent by far the largest single study into the genetics of a disease that is a major cause of death and disability, particularly in China but also across the world. This work started in September 2014 and preliminary analysis showed the array to be performing extremely well, with >98% of samples passing initial quality control. Over 5,000 samples will have been genotyped by the end of 2014.