Design of CKB genotyping array completed

Mar 30, 2014 9:00 AM

In collaboration with genotyping microarray manufacturer Affymetrix and our genomics partner in China, BGI-Shenzhen, the China Kadoorie Biobank team has completed the design of a low cost biobanking genotyping array optimised for Chinese populations.

Drawing on multiple sets of sequencing data from Chinese populations, and following a similar strategy to that used for the design of the UK Biobank array, the array interrogates approximately 800,000 genetic loci, including 140,000 SNPs and indels of potential functional significance and a GWAS grid enabling coverage of >93% of the genome. Genotyping using the array will commence in May 2014 at BGI, China, involving initially 5,000 cases of haemorrhagic stroke and 10,000 controls.