Disease Outcome Data

Long-term follow-up for disease outcome data is done through electronic linkage to:

1) mortality registries in each study region;

2) morbidity registries (for stroke, IHD, cancer and diabetes) in each study region;

3) the new nationwide health insurance system covering ~98% of CKB participants, with coded records of all hospitalised events and procedures.

Mortality and morbidity data are entered directly into the CKB system, including scanned copies of official death certificates and of original disease reporting cards. Detailed information about each hospital admission (dates of admission and discharge, description and ICD-10 code of the condition, detailed procedure codes) prior to 2013 has been collected and processed. By 1.1.2013, 21,200 participants (3.7%) had died, only 2,700 (0.2%) had been lost to follow up, and ~1.2 million non-fatal events of ~4,000 different types had been ICD-10 coded, with ~1/3 of participants having at least one event.