IT Systems

 To improve the accuracy and completeness of the data collected at the baseline survey and subsequent resurveys, and to facilitate quality control, monitoring, long-term follow-up and outcome validation, and general management of the project, a range of computer systems have been developed for the project by the CKB IT team in CTSU. These include not only the computerised direct data-entry system for the baseline survey but also systems for blood sample aliquoting, tracking and storage. In addition, comprehensive systems are in place for reporting of quality control and monitoring; remote database management; consent form tracking and data entry; stock control and equipment calibration; and linkage for long-term follow-up of fatal and non-fatal outcomes.

The development of these systems has been carefully planned and coordinated so that the data integrity and consistency can be ensured. Given the amount, complexity and potential sensitivity of the information collected, data security is a top priority, and has been achieved by a number of measures that comply with relevant legislation and guidelines both in China and in the UK.



Centre and User Management

AddRC List RCs in the study network and add new RCs
ClinicLocations Manage clinic areas and locations within an RC
PassMan Enable a CKB user to change their password
UserMan Allow a CKB administrator to manage CKB users

Field Data Collection

ResurveySelect Select participants for a resurvey according to criteria
Sinvite Create bar-coded invitation letters in PDF format for a resurvey
DrList Print participant list for circulating to RC local doctors
 ParticipantDetails Capture a participant’s NID card info and personal details
 BodyComposition Record a participant’s body composition measurement
PulseTrace Record a participant’s pulse wave velocity measurement
Sinspire Record a participant’s lung function measurement
SINPUT Record questionnaires from baseline, QC follow-up and resurveys
QcSelect Select participants for QC follow-up questionnaires
ScanMan Scan bar-coded paper consent forms into image files and link them to study IDs
NonResponderSurvey Record data about participants who did not respond to resurvey invitation

Bio-Sample Management

StorageAreaConfig Configuration of the sample storage capacity in a centre
BloodLogging Record the receipt of blood/urine packs from a day’s clinic
BloodAli Guide for aliquoting blood samples into tubes for long-term storage
UrineAli Guide for aliquoting urine samples into tubes for long-term storage
SampleTracking Manage the movement of sample boxes between different centres
NccStore Manage sample boxes within NCC storage including freezers and nitrogen tanks
BoxHistory Movement history of sample boxes between centres
CryovialHandler Transfer a cryovial from one sample box to another based on criteria
IccStore Search & view graphically the physical storage of samples within the ICC

Long-Term Follow Up and Validation

LTFollowUp Manage a participant's long-term follow-up events such as death and diseases
OutcomePVD Record the validation data of outcome events in hospitals
OutcomeValViewer View the validation data of outcome events collected with OutcomePVD

Manage the collection and adjudication of CRD related medical records


Internet-based medical adjudication system

Monitoring & Reporting

Latest Action Log Log of latest IT events including FTP(S) accesses, synchronizations and backup
LogViewer View log files sent from study centres to the ICC for trouble-shooting and monitoring
Reporting Reports of recruitment, missing items, sample processing, LT follow up events etc

Asset Management

ConsentFormTracking Track the movement of consent forms from RCs to NCC
Labeliser Manage the printing of Study ID labels at the NCC
StudyIDAuth Manage NCC authorisations to print labels for a range of Study IDs


Material Management System, used by NCC and RCs for managing consumables and equipment


CKB Data Access System, platform for sharing CKB data with researchers.


A tool to analyse, match and assign standard codes to textual descriptions of participant data from various sources.

IT System Management

LaptopActivator Activate and deactivate survey laptops within the computing infrastructure of a centre
Sintegrator2 Authenticate CKB users and start other CKB programs
UpdateMan Manage the deployment of software updates to study computers
DbBackup Backup and restore the local study database of a study computer
Sinsync A system providing asynchronous communication of secure, authenticated messages between computers
Sinserver An HTTPS web application to work with Sinsync, providing file transfer services


A system for localizing C++ and Java programs


General purpose tool for ad-hoc database queries

Communication Tools

Sinmail Simple, secure and reliable email-like communication program for study computers
Sintell Notification to a user that a new Sinmail has arrived
Teleport Transfer of files securely between study computers
CKB website

CKB study website

KSDC website

CKB Chinese website

Interface to External Systems

To clinical devices Convert data collected from various devices into importable formats for CKB systems
To BGI systems Transfer study data between CKB study computers and BGI internal systems
To CTSU labs Transfer study data between CKB database and CTSU laboratory database