Baseline Data

 The baseline survey took place in 2004-8, with extensive data collection by interviewer-administered computerised questionnaire, a range of physical measurements, and collection of a 10ml non-fasting blood sample (with last meal time recorded). 

1) Baseline questionnaire data

  • Section 1: Demographic and socioeconomic status
  • Section 2: Tea drinking
  • Section 3: Alcohol consumption
  • Section 4: Smoking history
  • Section 5: Diet
  • Section 6: Passive smoking & indoor air pollution
  • Section 7: Personal & family medical history
  • Section 8: Physical activities
  • Section 9: Reproductive history for women
  • Section 10: Sleeping, mood & mental situation
  • CIDI section A: Major depressive episode
  • CIDI section B: Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Section 11: Physical examination

Link to baseline survey questionnaire (English)

2) Physical measurements

  • Standing height, sitting height, weight, hip circumference, waist circumference, bio-impedance, FEV1, FVC, CO level, pulse rate, blood pressure

3) Blood measurements

  • HBsAg, random blood glucose, fasting blood glucose (for a subset of participants with abnormal random blood glucose)