Independent Access Committee

An Independent Access Committee has been established to provide oversight and guidance on data access issues. The Committee monitors the progress of all data requests, it receives quarterly reports and meets every six months. The Access Committee also reviews any requests for access that raise particular issues (such as those relating to the use of samples). An additional Independent Data Access Oversight Committee within the Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Population Health provides governance advice on data sharing for CKB and other department-wide projects.

All rejected applications are routinely referred to the CKB Independent Access Committee. Reasons for rejection are available on request and may include recommendations for any resubmission. A Requestor can appeal to the Access Committee if their request is denied and they disagree with a decision. 

Committee Membership:

  • Professor Judith Mackay, Hong Kong
  • Professor Peter Sandercock, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Michael Parker, Ethox Centre, Oxford
  • Mr Jonathan Sellors, Legal Counsel, UK Biobank


  • Professor Zhengming Chen, CKB, Oxford
  • Professor Liming Li, CKB, Peking University


  •  Mr Paul Ryder, CKB, Oxford
  • Dr Canqing Yu, CKB, Peking University