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sushila burgess

sushila burgess

Sushila Burgess

Web Application Developer

Sushila – generally known as Sue – works as a web application developer in the IT group of the China Kadoorie Biobank. Originally from a Humanities background, Sue graduated from the University of Oxford in Modern Languages (French and Spanish) in 1980, but moved into computing in the early 1990s. For much of her career she has worked for the University, including 7 years at the Bodleian and 4 years at the University Offices.

From 1995-7, Sue worked for the Clinical Trials Service Unit (CTSU), now part of NDPH. She returned to the CTSU in 2017, where she developed software for the REVEAL, ORION-4 and EMPA-Kidney trials. In 2019 she changed team, joining the China Kadoorie Biobank group. She now works primarily as a web developer on the iCASE project (Internet-based Case Adjudication for CKB Events), led by Dr Yiping Chen. Sue's job is to provide web functionality – data entry screens and reports – for use in research into stroke, heart disease and kidney disease in the Chinese population.