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The NDPH Fellowship programme is intended to support scientists to develop an independent research area which will enhance Population Health research in Oxford. During her fellowship, Becky will investigate the health impacts of alcohol consumption and assess the likely underlying mechanisms of action of alcohol in the aetiology of chronic diseases, using approaches combining large-scale observational epidemiology with genetic and multi-omic data in China Kadoorie Biobank and UK Biobank.

Prior to the NDPH Intermediate Research fellowship, Becky completed her DPhil in Population Health in 2020, under the supervision of Professor Zhengming Chen, Dr. Iona Millwood and Dr. Ling Yang, and was awarded a two-year NDPH Early Career Research Fellowship in 2020. She is currently also a Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College.

On receipt of her fellowship, Becky said 'I’m delighted to receive this NDPH Intermediate Research Fellowship to conduct research to better understand the health impacts of alcohol consumption. I would like to sincerely thank my generous funders, particularly NDPH, and my current and past supervisors and colleagues who have supported me throughout my studies and career.'