Data Overview

Details of the data collected by the CKB are provided on the Study Resources section of the website. Data made available to external researchers through the CKB Data Access System will have undergone all necessary quality control including standardization, validation, and adjudication where appropriate. The schedule below includes an anticipated period of exclusive use for the CKB collaborative team in China and the UK following the completion of data collection and processing. During this period the CKB team will actively seek to engage with external collaborators on topics of particular interest.

Available data

The initial data release comprises of approved data collected from 512,000 individuals at the baseline survey, including demographics, socio-economic status, lifestyle behaviours, medical history and physical measurements.

The International Journal of Epidemiology paper China Kadoorie Biobank of 0.5 million people: Survey methods baseline characteristics and long-term follow up provides a comprehensive summary of the data collected. The Baseline Questionnaire provides further details on individual data fields and their storage.


Data Release Schedule 

Data Description

China release:

Rest of World release:

Baseline (Cross-sectional)

Baseline survey data



Resurvey Data (Cross-sectional)

1st Resurvey Data (c.20,000)

June 2017

 September 2017

2nd Resurvey Data (c.25,000)



Follow-up / prospective data (ICD 10 coded)

Mortality  (Staged release of data from death

and disease specific registries)

From Mid 2017

From Late 2017

Hospitalisation Events (Staged release by disease/event)

From Late 2017

From Early 2018

Blood-based datasets

384 SNP Genotyping (~100K participants)

Eary 2018

Mid 2018

GWAS  ~800K SNP (~100K participants)